Our property is zoned for Flora & Fauna Protection, & so is like a mini National Park. There is a diverse selection of plants, trees, fungi and mosses with lots of native wildflowers to be admired while out strolling, walking, hiking or braving the more adventurous kilometres of dirt mountain bike trails available our the 110 hectare property. Many visitors head to the deep creek valley for a complete change of scenery. A look at the Google map will give you an idea of the terrain. There is a 100-metre drop from the top of the Varneys Range to the creek bed and Coolamatong Lake.

Early in geological history, Australia was cut off from the rest of the world’s land masses. This allowed a range of animals to establish successful populations in Australia – animals that were unable to do so in other parts of the world.

At Top of Varney’s Range  you are right among many of these unique animals. We have Echidnas, Wombats, Wallabies, Kangaroos, Emus, as well as Wedge Tail Eagles, & introduced species such as Deer & Alpacas.

Below we have some photos, please click on the photo to see a larger image. Click the right edge of the large picture to go forward and the left edge to go back.