Nearby Ski Fields
Perisher is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere, & is an amalgamation of four villages (Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega, and Blue Cow) and their associated ski fields, covering approximately 12 square kilometres (4.6 sq mi), with the base elevation at 1,720 metres (5,640 ft) , and the summit elevation of 2,054 metres (6,739 ft) at the top of Mount Perisher. 4.4 square kilometres (1.7 sq mi) of this area is covered by 271 snow guns, which are used to artificially supplement the natural snowfall.

Thredbo was modelled on a European skiing town reflecting the heritage of workers on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Contrasting with the primarily lodge-based Perisher, Thredbo is a town with lodges, shopping and nightlife. Thredbo has 14 lifts & has the steepest overall terrain of any ski resort in mainland Australia, and also the highest lifted point (2037m ). Thredbo Village sits at the base of the Crackenback Valley.

Selwyn Snowfields traces its origins to the ski fields at nearby Kiandra, where skiing began in Australia around 1861. It is the most northerly of Australia’s ski resorts with a base elevation of 1,492 metres (4,895 ft) and a top elevation of 1,614 metres (5,295 ft) . The longest run at Selwyn Snowfields is the 800 metres (2,600 ft) Long Arm Run. Selwyn is well suited to families and first timers, with 88% of terrain catering to beginners and intermediates.

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